Fog on the water

      Out with the two Jack Russell Terriers for their morning walk, a little later than normal, and the remnants of fog that was there at dawn is still swirling through the orchards, over the fields and across the fen.
      I love the atmosphere this weather creates and it changes the entire appearance of the fenland landscape into something infinitely more mysterious intriguing. When a patch of fog does envelop you as you as you walk along with the terriers a strange calm and quietness descends then just as suddenly you walk out of it into glaring bright sunlight and there are the two terriers fifty or sixty yards ahead. Or heading back for a treat.

      By the time I took these pictures the wind had picked up to a steady breeze and was beginning to disperse the fog into more of a mist but the moist cold air that was still lying above the dykes and pools that had a reasonable amount of water in them was forming new fog patches. I'm glad I was walking and not driving
      It makes me want to go pike fishing and get away from it all.
      No surprise there says the boss.