Still hanging on

      In a sheltered part of the orchard there is a row of around twenty Golden Delicious apple trees with fruit still hanging on and my goodness are they good, in fact they're absolutely delicious. Forget the supermarket version of this apple because these apples surpass them for flavour by a mile.
      With the cold weather the fruit sugars seem more concentrated and they make beautiful eating picked straight from the tree, in fact at the moment they are the source of my apple a day, well two apples a day, one on the morning walk with the two Jack Russell Terriers and the same again in the evening.
      Even the terriers love them and will happily crunch their way through a small apple nicked from the lower branches. First thing in the morning they are cold, very cold, so if you have any dental twinges they'll be found out by the 'iced apple.'


  1. Got mu eye on some not too low hanging lingers round Cotttons Head


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