Vintage oiling

      It's amazing what you find when you are given permission to root about in an old barn. This was the star find on Sunday, an old oiling can and perhaps with that delicate spout it should be an old precision oiling can, and it's a right handed model too.
      After a sympathetic clean-up it will make a wonderful oiler for the old Victorian printing press. I'll have to be careful though with it being Christmas and the pantomime season, rub it too hard and there might be three wishes, care of Aladdin and his magic oil can of course.
      Three wishes, let me think.


  1. My father in law was an engineer and designer/ manufacturer of bandsaws and lathes and has some lovely old oiling cans and grease guns which he still uses. He helped me learn a lot about mechanical repairs of cars which I am sure Gale would never believe.

  2. Don't forget he doesn't like rain...


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