Water voles at work

      This apple had been floating the dyke near the orchard for a couple of days before the wind changed and finally pushed it up against the far bank. Then it began to mysteriously move against the flow until it was jammed firmly in this hole at water level.
      Those harmless little creatures the water voles had shepherded it along until their feast was jammed tight and then, over a couple of nights, they ate their way through their fruit feast.
      You have to give them full marks for seeing the opportunity and saving the apple. The two Jack Russell Terriers now leave the voles alone too, they eat the apples instead.
      I bet the voles are happy about that as well as a well stocked pantry.


  1. Wilding apples steadfastly staying on in hedgerows everywhere at the moment, like green and yellow baubles. Did you get out perching?

  2. Tomorrow for the perch, all being well. We've had a couple of days sorting mum out to and from the hospital plus selling the Subaru and buying a new second hand car. The Subaru needed a major service, four new tyres, four new brake discs plus pads and road tax plus anything that turned up at the service… enough is enough.

    Digging the worms today. John

  3. My charabanc has returned from the bingle menders, never seen it so shiny and clean . Love the smell of car paint. God only knows how much they charged the Insurers. Good luck with the perchios. Nice and mild so going to stock up on lobs


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