Weed cutting horror

      I love it when the drainage board decide to cut back the bankside reed and rushes, it really improves the fishing and the wildlife habitat, not forgetting making an unsightly mess on the surface of the water like some hallucinogenic minestrone.
      The floating compost heap will now drift up and down the drain at the mercy of the wind for weeks then it will either slowly move on when the pumping to remove the excess water starts, or simply sink and foul the bottom of the drain.
      Try to part the weed to make a clear space and it simply closes back over the hole like the Great Grimpen Mire sucking down another Conan Doyle villain. Mind you, I do chuckle to myself when I see the coots and waterhens staggering over it like drunks as one leg sinks through the surface and the other stays on some packed weed.
      Anybody want to try walking on water?
      Thought not.


  1. Shelved my drop-shothing plans then.

  2. I went perch fishing today. It was awful in places for hundreds of yards, found a gap and caught perch but boy, oh boy it os absolutely knocked at the moment. Come on wind and rain to get rid of it.


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