A rummage in your draws

      Thursday morning and I'm in my little print room frantically searching for something I know I've got but haven't a clue where the safe place is that I put it in. The course of the random search takes me into the bottom set of draws in one of my plans chests where I keep an old poster collection.
      Some of the posters that I collected all those years ago have been borrowed, framed and now decorate the walls of the homes where the children live, they do seem to enjoy an original sixties poster or ten.
      Anyway, an hour later and I'm still fumbling and rooting around and getting all nostalgic about these two gentlemen. We saw them both live, in fact we saw Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention twice; it was amazing what Frank could do with a plucked chicken and a pot of yoghurt. Never mind the Royal Albert Hall organ.
      Here's Jimmy Hendrix too and I think I feel a trip 'All along the watch tower' to the 'Purple Haze' coming on. 
      Never throw anything away even if they have been cheaply printed on newsprint and are getting bit fragile, that's a bit like the owners then.
      Of course that's assuming you can find it.


  1. Love Hendrix but you can keep Frank. I chucked a load of old NME cuttings and covers away a few years ago. Wish I hadn't now.


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