A wind like a razor blade

      The wind, that is known locally as the lazy wind, arrived with vengeance yesterday morning and somehow the thermometer had climbed to a nosebleed inducing -0.8C by three fifteen in the afternoon. God knows what the wind chill factor is. We'll settle for fairly nippy.
      Obviously the dykes and drains are frozen over but the projected temperatures for early next week are up in the low teens and hopefully that rise will thaw the ice and melt it away.
      Already the two Jack Russell Terriers are agitating for their walk, after all you can't be sitting reading and enjoying the warmth of the wood burner when you could be out freezing your whatnots off. When you are walking along and sheltered by trees or an orchard the temperature doesn't seem too bad but once you hit a stretch of open Fen the wind chill cuts in and takes your breath away.
      It can't last, can it?

      Earlier this morning the sun came out to play and a glorious sunny but frosty day seemed to be on the cards but now, at nine thirty the temperature has dropped below freezing and the fog is rolling back across the fen bringing the great greyness back with it. I think it is time to light the wood burner and fire up the coffee maker as well.
      Have a lovely weekend.


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