Back in the old routine

      After all the work of producing Christmas Cards, and all the work of Christmas too, two new series of prints are finally under way. Needless to say they are all going to be about the Fenland landscape and the two series of prints will be produced simultaneously.
      One set, the set of larger prints in fact, are going to be Fenland landscapes and the other set which will be smaller in size, are going to be all about the details that lie within the landscape. More on this set will follow when I begin the first print of the series later this week.

      At the top is the first cut of the first landscape block that allows me to work out the registration for the colours and the subject is, somewhat lazily, an interpretation of the view from the front of the house. A couple of the trees depicted here have been cut down since the original drawing and I have put them back where they were. If you can't improve the landscape when you are producing a print what can you do?
      In the middle is the quick drying black ink rolled out and ready for printing the transfer prints. Below is a registered block ready for the cutting of the first colour and a first state proof of the detailed line block that requires much more cutting but that can be done while the colours are being proofed.
      Next comes the printing of the first two colours so we really are 'back in the old routine'.


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