Dawn developing

      Wednesday morning last week and I'm all washed and shaved, backdoor has been opened and out go the two Jack Russell Terriers for their early morning pee. Then you look up and there she is. Dawn looking full of spectacularly colourful and dramatic promise with her personal light show changing by the second.

      In a little over five minutes she had dressed up the day really beautifully with plenty of subtle colours and no little drama either. In next to no time we'd gone from a subtle beginning, a will o' the wisp of mist passing by, and then she changed into a full-on light show spectacular. Brilliant.

      Well done dawn, that makes up for all the grey damp mornings when you've been hiding behind the cloud cover and you even made the rusty old transformer box look pretty good too. After standing transfixed for nearly ten minutes it was time for a second mug of tea.


  1. Facebook was full of it. Was as good at dusk they said but was behind my back as I drove home. Two mugs minimum required to start me up..

  2. Dusk wasn't as good, not by a long chalk. They're the metropolitan lazy buggers who can't get out of bed. I walked the dogs in the evening and it was a passing fancy. Dawn rules. Alright. John

    PS the water here is frozen solid. Never mind pheasant plucking tomorrow.


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