Fieldfare's feast

      A large flock of fieldfares with a smattering of redwings has taken up residence in the orchard, and probably most of the orchards in West Norfolk that are a little neglected and still have fruit in them, fruit that is now all over the ground. This Bramley tree has dropped all of its surplus fruit and there it is, a wildlife feast ready to go.
      The birds always have a couple of sentries up high in the tops of the tress to warn of your approach and before you get too close they are on the wing burbling away as they head for the poplars to watch your approach and disappearance.
       The manner in which they eat the apples is very systematic and organised and you can see their beak marks in the flesh of the fruit. There are some blackbirds, pigeons and rats in there too but principally the windfall apple feast is the table of the fieldfares.
      Should we get the layer of snow that the weatherman promises for later in the week life then will get tougher for them.


  1. Good bit of tucker for them John. Love watching them forage in the apples. Amazing high moon tonight, calm before the storm, we never get snow here, but strong rumours for tomorrow night. Chuck another log on the fire! TTFN Dickie


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