Frost world

      A trip back to the very frosty and cold weather we had around Christmas time when we enjoyed -5 and -6 degrees. Now I just love the effect that a simple frost has on the most mundane everyday objects where it turns them into something completely different and they're objects that wouldn't give a second glance to under normal conditions.
      In this case the object is the top of a fence post looking like something way out in the cosmos with a green gas cloud about to be drawn into the black hole in the middle.
      Well, I think it does, you just please yourself.
      The temperature is -1.5 this morning, so that's more 'Frost Worlds'.


  1. Still a fair proportion of your Up/Outwell drain covered today despite the dredger. One hardy soul on the pole, out to get away from the Dragon I think he said...

    1. The dykes haven't melted all day and a 'phone call to the farmer revealed the drain was/is frozen too. Milder tomorrow so I go in hope. John

  2. I thought it was a chocolate yule log!! Freezing here, rare for us to have it at zero in the afternoon - looking forward to another cold snap, gives me an excuse to get log pile ocd! Ttfn Dickie


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