Gimme shelter

      A couple of daisies that are still hanging on in a corner of the orchard and given the kind of weather we are having you have to admire their tenacity. In their sheltered place they get sunshine almost all day long, well they do when the sun shines. No doubt the fog, frost and murk will finally finish them off and the flowers will go brown and die, it seems as if everything else in the orchard is brown and dead.
      Never mind though I have absolutely no doubt that they'll be back stronger than ever next year and for now they're sheltered from the wind. Sadly the frost will get to them despite their microclimate and then we'll just have to wait for the spring to arrive.


  1. I do like the Sisters of Mercy cover..did see some snapdragons in a windowbox in good ol' Peckham on New Years Eve.

  2. In the late sixties, before we got married, I had a flat in Herne Hill and we saw in Tulse Hill a garden of Plastic flowers in January. They had plastic snapdragons, daffs, roses all kinds of flowers stuck in concrete. Very sixties psychedelic. We think they were real anyway. John


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