The lady of marmalade

      I quite simply love the smell of marmalade cooking, mixed with the smell of the raw Seville Oranges being prepared it permeates the whole house with that tangy orange odour. Every year the Boss goes through the January marmalade making ritual to give us a supply that will last the whole year, strangely the hoard never does last the whole year because we always seem to run out in November.
      So far she has made one batch of twelve jars. Needless to say one of the jars of the golden nectar is already being consumed but a second batch will made later in the week and then the cupboard will be filled up with the years supply.
       Well it will be a years supply until the family turn up and start their looting and pillaging.


  1. The smells and tastes of marmalade and lemon curd making, golden memoroies from my Swansea childhood, mixed in with geraniums in the conservatory.


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