Tilth accelerator

      The weather is doing some of the farmer's work just as it helps the well prepared gardener too. First the tractors with the multi-blade ploughs deep plough the field and turn up the soil in large lumps which is left to weather in the rain wind and, hopefully, some really hard frosts. The frost breaks up the soil and reduces the size of the lumps of earth into ever smaller pieces until the busters, harrows and drills work over it planting, in this case spring wheat, all in one multi-action pass of the tractor.
      Unbelievably the farmer was practically smiling when he was talking about the weather cycles that we've enjoyed in the last couple of months but not wishing to get too optimistic he did throw in the caveat that he was convinced that it was going to be a wet spring.
      Well you can't have everything.



  1. True enough BB but even around here there are people who don't realise how it all works. John


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