When your number is up

      There's the Boss steadily driving home from a shopping expedition at our nearest big city, Downham Market, when thud, there's a mid-air collision with the Boss' scout car.
      The offender was a very fat hen pheasant that went straight through the Grille making a very large hole in the plastic decor and jamming itself against the radiator. When the boss arrived home, eight miles later, the pheasant was still jammed firmly under the bumper up against the cooling system.
      Needless to say the bird was swiftly removed, has been cleaned and has joined the other two pheasants in the freezer along with two more that were shot today. They are all going to make a really splendid, bumper game casserole, in a manner of speaking.
      Mind you it will be the most expensive casserole ever because the repairs are going to cost just shy of one hundred and fifty pounds. At 35 pence a cartridge I think the gun seems a cheaper alternative.
      Never mind it's an ill wind and all that.


  1. Crikey, looks like it lost its head on impact - ouch! Pheasant casserole with cider and all the trimmings - lovely! TTFN Dickie

  2. The head was almost off and is folded back underneath, and that's a 40mph impact. Very plump though. The pheasant stock is on the stove and it is to be the basis of the liquid in the casserole. Drain frozen over, I hope for better things tomorrow but it feels like snow at the moment. John

  3. What, no p(h)easant bars on the rad grill?

  4. There are no Bull Bars on a Fiat Panda. They would be bigger than the car. Back to Monty Python . John


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