An old love bite?

      On the other hand this jack pike of about three pounds may have just got a little too close to one of the ladies of the drain, after all a small pike's only enemy is an even bigger pike, and he would represent a lot more nourishment than a six ounce roach or Rudd.
      The bite is about six to seven inches across and has begun to heal up and the-or old jack pike will be left with an aquatic version of an 'Heidelberg duelling scar'.
      This was Saturday afternoon, it was cold and the strong wind chilled your fingers until they were numb. The total for the session was six fish, the biggest around eight pounds and I reckon that the clans are beginning to assemble for the spawning season and, in turn, that means that the big and well built ladies are either there or will show up soon.
      We'll see just what happens on Wednesday with the pike and perch.


  1. And fueled with Mr. Sargeant's home made hash. Looked blooming lovely

  2. It was, believe me. Mr Sargeant, best butcher in the area. His rare breed bacon is fantastic. We'll have some when we pike fish. I'll sort some dates out. Promise.

  3. I can Lord it with my brand new shiny rip free landing net. Truly a thing of beauty. Won't be sullying it with snotty old bream slime.


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