Dusk, doom and armageddon

      Storm Doris is heading towards apparently, well it is if you believe the weather forecasters. Will it be the usual load of old hyperbole or are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse really heading towards us?
      When I was out walking the two Jack Russell Terriers this morning I bumped into one of the local farmers walking his dog and he was convinced that the 'Four Horsemen of Acropolis', as he calls them, really are heading towards us but then he always says that. The signs are all there apparently.
      So, just to add to the drama and tension, here are two photographs of Tuesday night's sunset taken about thirty seconds apart from the end of the front garden. Simply splendid.
      Right, one of today's most important jobs is to get a stock of beer in just in case all communications are down and there's a shortage. And the other? That's to go out on the fen and get some pike fishing in.
      Oh, don't forget to pull the duvet over your head tonight.


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