February fill-dyke

      We've had quite a lot of rain in the last few weeks and slowly but surely it has filtered down through the land into the land drains that are between six and seven feet under the surface of the fields. The dyke at the top is now around six feet deep and at a slightly higher level than that in the Commission drain that it connects to.
      Next month I'll be helping the farmer remove some planks from the dam to lower the level and flush the water into the next drain so that it can continue on its merry way to the Middle Level. However most of the water will be retained so that the vegetables can be watered when we get the inevitable dry spell.
      The photograph below shows a dyke that generally has very little water gathering in it, in fact it usually catches the frogs and toads out by drying up before their tadpoles mature to make their way in life, that certainly means dry weather to come in the next few weeks.
      No doubt in the bigger dyke at the top there will be a major amphibian love-in as soon as the weather warms up.