Finished and make-ready

      Well the print is finally finished, I was going to add another colour but the Boss said, 'no, don't add any more colour, start another'.
      That was me told. So starting a new, small print is the order of the day and it's already started and the first colour is printed. Pictured below is the  make-ready sheet that I use when I am printing on 300gsm paper, there must be images in various colours from around a dozen prints on this sheet. I think they become a random work of art in their own right with all the varying layers of opaque and transparent colour, this sheet will now be retired to the dreaded storage triangle come black hole known as a plans chest.
      The print itself is in six colours and in a relatively short edition of ten, plus a couple of spare proofs, it is printed on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP.