Mucky, lazy sods

      I often wonder which part of the 'free council tip' concept people do not understand.
      Fly-tipping seems be a subversive and clandestine industry in West Norfolk and do they make a mess. The brief is simple, fling your rubbish out of the car as quickly as you can and make sure the bags split so that the rubbish is even harder to clear up and if it ends up in a land drain, well that is even better. Fly-tipping isn't just confined to West Norfolk though, it must be a problem for every local council in the country.
      No doubt the perpetrators are never caught but drones with cameras would sort the tippers out and then, when you spot them, call in an Apache helicopter or F15 and there's a new fishing lake, or larger land drain.
      I am totally unable to get to grips with the mentality of these arsewits but as the boss says they don't have even biggish numbers in the IQ stakes.
      They are just mucky, lazy sods and even the Norfolk Bog Door Blue bags are not a redeeming feature.


  1. Think they should get the A10's out of mothballs for the flytippers John. Now that was an aircraft. Actually a flying very heavy cannon. Lethal

  2. You cannot beat the judgemental effect of a Gatling gun. I bloody well heat these people, they need all their crap and shit dumped on their front garden. On second thoughts it would probably tidy the garden up. The A10 was an unbelievable machine, literally a flying cannon. With missiles. And bombs. What is not to like?

    We need to sort a day with the Scribbler.


    1. Hurry up then old boy, Im gagging to get out for a session. Three weeks and the season is over. And you really MUST come down for a roker session, they've turned up early this year.

  3. Amazingly i observed some twonk doing this on the opposite side of the river to me tonight - off a very high bank! My shouts were met with me being told to get fucked!! Those A10's were scary - sounded like they were changing gear - used to fly over a lake i fished in Herefs, frightened the life out of me! Were they flying from Norfolk? TTFN Dickie

  4. Thelast time we saw a pair of A10s was early last year. They were probably on their way back to the States from Afghanistan or somewhere similar. My nephew saw them in action and he said when the Gatling gun fired it sounded like a giant fart.

  5. It's not just Norfolk TT,mit's here too. You have to be a particular type of sad,grubby bastard to dump your shite in the countryside. Really pisses me off. It's the total lack of respect for other people and the environment. Tossers, you never see them do it though, do you ?

  6. That's why we need drones. What do they think? Let's drive out into the countryside, further than going to the tip. Oh. look, here's somewhere with none of my shit and crap on it. Open the boot and fling it it all over. Wankers.


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