One over the eight

      A sneaky couple of hours on the drain this afternoon, mainly because I couldn't get there on Saturday, but it still felt a guilty pleasure.
      As it turned out maybe Sunday was a better day to go pike fishing. I lost one pike catching bait on the twelve foot whip, it must have taken a silver fish as it mouthed the bait and promptly snapped the line and smashed the cheap fibreglass whip. An exciting start.

      Three more fish shed the hooks once the serious business was under way but nine pike found their way into the net. The floating rafts of weed meant that you had to be watchful or your tackle could go into the drain to join the pike and although the pumping has moved a lot of the weed out of the way these big heavy clumps remain, trundling along to snag the unwary.
      All in all a good afternoon, none of the pike were big fish simply large jack pike in the eight pound area with handsome colouring and markings and, of course, attitude to match.
      I'm out again tomorrow too. Well, someone has to do it.


  1. Good work again John. FishiNg is never guilty...


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