Storm front

      A day spent printing in the company of photographer Nick Fallowfield-Cooper from Fallon's Angler and then a little successful pike fishing at the end of the day, but more on that later.
      The print that you see above is an experimental print in the sense that I am using different inks and mixes, making each printing fast drying, overprinted and layered on top of different colours. The rapid drying allows a build-up of textures and different finishes so that the finished print is not simply a sequence of flat colours. All-in-all I am happy that the experiment and the effects have worked, now I can't wait to use the technique on some larger prints.
      'Storm front' is printed in seven colours on 300gsm Somerset Cream Textured and the image area is 150mm x 150mm.


  1. something a bit upbeat about that one TT. Snow for three days now but hasn't settled.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Piscator, the skies do dominate down here and that's the route I'll try to follow on this set of six or so prints. The print is only six inches x six too! Thank you. John


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