A little scrap of birdlife. Extinguished

      I was tidying up after working in the front garden and as I put a bucket down by the shed I saw, out of the corner of my eye, what looked like a small leaf. Sadly what I thought was a leaf turned out to be a dead wren and picking up the little corpse it was almost weightless, it must have only weighed a couple of grammes. The farthing, our smallest coin before decimalisation, showed a wren on one side that was a good choice of image given the size of this tiny bird.
      Goodness knows what killed it, there was no way it could have been for food, unless it was one of the black and white terrorists otherwise known as magpies that administered the fatal blow. They do feast on small birds and the contents of their nests, well they do as long as I don't get sight of them.
      We have quite few wrens pinging around the garden and they are also in the wild and overgrown garden next door and I must say say their song in the morning is an absolute pleasure although now we have one less to serenade us.
      Never mind, life goes on even in the avian world.


  1. What a fragile little chap TT! I found a dead Kingfisher and Bullfinch recently, absolutely perfect in every way - the feathers on each were amazing. The natural world has many wonders indeed. TTFN Dickie

  2. Oh no. Shame ab pout kingfisher and bullfinch Dickie. Shame to waste them, should have got them stuffed. Keep on top of those magpies TT, too many of them these days and do lts of damage to young birds.

  3. I still have them actually, in my fishing bait freezer - not sure the Captain would be too pleased about them in our food freezer - they look so fragile, just like TT's wren - bereft of life they rest in peace. TTFN Dickie


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