Are they biting?

      The beach at Dunwich in Suffolk, it's a beautiful day and there are three anglers each one with two rods in a rest.
      Obviously I have to speak to at least one of them to find out what they have caught in fact interrogate him with all the usual questions. As it turned out I could only speak to one of them, the other two were fast asleep behind their umbrellas and that despite the sound of the wind and the waves on the shingle, or maybe because of it.
      It turns out that the three of them come down at least twice each week and despite the frequency of their visits they haven't caught anything since the beginning of February and even then the catch, two dabs, were too small to eat let alone keep. They hadn't caught any cod or whiting and the bass hadn't arrived yet. Social fishing or what? They fish until mid-afternoon then go to the pub for a pint to plan the next visit.
      Who says anglers aren't optimists?


  1. Sounds like my sort of fishing TT! Lulled to sleep by the sound of surf on shingle - I would have looked like a noddy though with a bell on the end of my rod!! TTFN Dickie

  2. Sounds almost perfck to me too. Thouugh I would cause great umbridge by going into the usual Adamns pub and ask for a pint of (Greene King) Abbott. Love that part of the Suffolk coast


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