Bang on a can

      We love a bit of English eccentricity and when we saw this method for calling a shop assistant in a secondhand bookshop we were delighted. Obviously the owner spends a lot of time in his office brewing tea and dunking ginger biscuits and custard creams because the can has taken a real battering from the stick.
      Maybe it is also an indicator of just how much traffic and trade passes through the shop. Rummaging around in shops like this is a real pleasure and there is nothing like finding a real bargain or a little piece of treasure but more on what we did find in a later post.
      I can feel the excitement building up already.


  1. I bet you found some treasure TT! A friend of mine gets so excited when stumbling across a bookshop that he has to leave immediately to find a toilet and then return when he has calmed down!! That sounds dodgy, but he has the urge to go as he gets so wound up by what he might find!! I sort of understand, TTFN Dickie

  2. Love an eccentric and yes we did find some treasure, and with a cup of tea. John


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