Derelict hive

      Wandering along with the two Jack Russell Terriers while they zig-zagged, sniffed, rooted, scented, peed on everything and were generally as busy as you like, well as busy as they like to be, and I found these two redundant beehives. Surely they could be renovated by an enthusiastic swarm after all, a swarm's home-building and DIY abilities are legendary.
      I've always liked the whole idea of beekeeping and I know that if I ask that the farmer would give me the hives. I like honey a lot too but really I just like the idea of giving some of the under threat pollinators a new home.
      They would be surrounded by orchards, both wild and overgrown and cultivated, so they would have lots and lots of flowers to stick their collective proboscis in, maybe it is time to start reading up about beekeeping on the 'interweb'.
      That's what the farmer calls it anyway.


  1. Apparently bee keeping is de riguer in Radio 4 land which i know you love with a passion..


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