Little lantern finds

      As everybody now knows the fishing season has closed until June 16 so attention is being turned onto the garden to tidy it all up rather than just digging worms out of the borders for bait.
      I was tidying the front garden the other day under the eagle-eyed supervision of the boss, who also doubles as my carer, when I discovered these little beauties tucked underneath some fresh new growth on my hollyhocks. Well, we all have our problems.
      Apparently they originate from the Physalis plant, Chinese Gooseberry anyone? They are about the size of a golf ball and are brilliant little constructions. I am so taken with them that they now reside with all the indispensable things that I collect and gather and keep on the studio window sill.
      Three little things of great beauty, natural treasure you might say.


  1. Chinese lanterns in my old stomping grouds in rum old Essex John..

  2. People give me plants and I stick 'em in. Lovely things though. John


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