Next day delivery

      The good old days. One stamp on the envelope, seal the envelope. Pop it in the post box and there it is at the destination the next day. What a brilliant idea. Cheap, efficient and really reliable in fact in some cases a local letter could be delivered the same day and that would make it almost as quick as an email.
      Somewhere in the village there is a post box with VR on it and I really must find it again because old letter boxes are under threat. 'Antique dealers' are pulling them out of the wall and selling them, to go with your red telephone box presumably or to complete the set of royal warranted letterboxes in your collection.
      It takes all kinds.


  1. Might get this twice..our last collection (18.15) usully gets there next day 1st post. Has to go to Chelmsford and back on the train even if if it's local mind you...


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