Over the garden wall

      The boss and I enjoyed a day out in the lovely Suffolk countryside this week. Her personnel carrier was being serviced at the Fiat dealer in Bury St Edmunds so we had three or four hours for lunch and an explore. Excellent.
      It was great to see some mountains too, well hills are mountains if you live in fenland, and joking aside it really is a beautiful county. As we threaded our way along the highways and byways we discovered 'the wall', thankfully not Donald Trump's wall. Sadly it looked as if only one side of the wall had survived but you'd be happy with what remained, absolutely fantastic. Behind the wall was a farm or Manor House with a moat and the little stream that came tumbling down the shallow valley must have fed the moat.
      I'd love to have had a good look at the moat, I bet it has pike, perch, carp, rudd and tench in it, put it this way it certainly does in my imagination. And lily pads and lots of rushes with overhanging willow trees. And a little boathouse.
      I think I need to go fishing.


  1. Do hope you at least smelt the hops and malt billowing from the home of Enland's finest pint, Abott Ale. Weekend in Fakenham. Feet up. Bliss. What, with the two Litle'un's? There are 2 Abbots and the next best thing, 2 Broadsides to dull the pain once the sun has gone below the yard arm. Perky time we call it.

  2. I'm all for that and remember the sun is always below the yardarm somewhere.


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