Perch hunting

      Saturday afternoon and the pike tackle was going to be left at home. I had spent an hour or so during the morning digging lobworms in the front garden so the bait required to catch some perch was collected and in the bait box in moss. All that remained to do was to resist putting the pike tackle in the car, not easy, but somehow I did manage it.
      Will-power or what?
      The afternoon was mild and breezy with a few clouds keeping the sun off the water and everything was looking good. A few worms were snipped up for ground bait and in half an hour the first bite resulted in the lovely perch shown above. Four smaller fish around the half to three quarters of a pound mark were caught before another bigger perch took the double lobworm offering.
      One strange thing was the complete absence of small perch harassing the worms and one good thing was that there were no pike scattering the fry across the surface, so the lack of the pike gear in the car was justified and there were no 'if only' thoughts circulating around my mind.
      Well perhaps not really justified but fishing one way with one rod does keep you focussed.



  1. Magnificent sergeant stripeys TT! Lovely. Spotted the special laying on float there, was that the method? Hoping for one or two myself now before it's all over. Tight lines, Dickie

  2. The drain was pretty well stationary on Saturday, just a tiny bit of surface drift. Plumbed the depth and fished about two or three inches off the bottom, size 6 barbless and two lobworms. Amazing how a perch can engulf two worms like that.
    I'll have another go on Saturday when we get back from seeing brother up in Aberdeen, he's had a heart attack but seems OK.

  3. Splendid Sergeants. Might sneak a go for some stripeys at the end of the week somewhere

  4. I do like a big Perch, lovely

  5. A wonderful fish altogether, I love them. John


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