The treasure of Abbot Thomas?

      We do love an old graveyard and if it has an old ruined church, well it just gets even better, we mooched about looking, talking and being amazed at the age of some the plaques built into the walls. Then we found this strange grave and the stairs down.
      At this point for anyone who has read the ghost stories written by M.R.James the imagination gradually begins to ease into overdrive and your senses sharpen. Fortunately for us it was a sunny day with no wind moaning through the empty church windows or through the yew and beech trees so we were able to walk out through the gate without whistling to ourselves. Obviously we headed straight off to the pub for lunch.
      The Boss thinks we'd best lock the doors and windows before we go to bed tonight, you don't know who or what is watching.
      Ok, the two Jack Russell's can sleep in the bedroom too.


  1. Hell's teeth TT! I am a shocker for thinking such dastardly thoughts when in such places and by spooky lakes.......what's that? Thought I felt the cold scratch of a withering finger down my neck - quick run! Pass the port Gramps! I picked up a lovely book by MR James a while ago all about Norfolk Churches - you would love it. You must look up the evening recitals of his work at Hemingford Gray (not far from you) by candlelight, if you dare! TTFN Dickie

    1. One time record tench from Hemingford Gray, Rev C Alston i think.

  2. I believe he was headmaster at Eton and after the Traditional Christmas service he used to read one of his ghost stories by candle light in the Chapel. I have his ghost stories illustrated by Charles Keeping. The illustrations are spooky enough believe me. I'll keep an eye open for the Norfolk Churches. Now for a glass of Adnams Ghost Ship. How appropriate!

  3. Point of order. Rev C Alston record tench ( and rudd ) caught at Wrentham. That is all. Good day to you.


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