West Norfolk goes digital

      Who says we don't embrace technology in the West Norfolk Fenland? This complex and meticulously maintained computer system says it all, in the simplest of terms, progress. We stumbled on it by accident and even then only after penetrating many layers of security did we find it and suddenly there it was in all its glory, the nerve centre. Not in a concrete bunker either.
      Goodness knows what data is lying dormant on the hard drive and I suppose we never will know but a quick telephone call to the heavily qualified IT support department would get things moving along nicely. You know the kind of thing and how the conversation goes; 'try turning it on and off and if that doesn't work it's serious, we'll send an engineer round to carry out some percussive maintenance.' Obviously it's not how you thump it but where you thump it.
      Right, we'll start by scraping the bird shit off I think. And then some new curtains. Then, as one of our local farmers would say we can get connected to the interweb.


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