An April evening

      The weather has been bright and clear with a few showers blowing through but the temperature is decidedly chilly, in other words it's a great evening for weather watching. Just sit and watch the spectacle unfolding all around in the big fenland skies.
      At the front of the house the fields of oilseed rape contrast with the clouds and they certainly lend a splash of colourful drama to the proceedings, although the yellow pollen from the flowers is covering the cars and literally getting up your nose. The promised rain should damp down the pollen, if it ever arrives, and it'll reduce the sneezing and smell of the flowers but before we know it there'll be combine harvesters on the fields harvesting the little black seeds for pressing.
      Not being somebody who wants to wish his life away but the pike fishing season will be that little bit closer too.


  1. Plenty of seed caught roach before that John. We've been wetter in Northest Norfolk.


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