And now for something completely different

      Here are some super Tomi Ungerer illustrations taken from a splendid second-hand bookshop find that we made a couple of weeks ago, as a bonus 'Horrible' is a first edition too and the dust jacket has been sleeve protected from day one although there is a little damage but it's the content that is important.

      The book was first published in the UK in 1960 by Hamish Hamilton and the images pre-date the cartoon technique that Monty Python's Flying Circus made so popular. I'm convinced that the irreverent style of the images in the book were a major inspiration for the final Monty Python style of animated collage and drawing.

      Here are a couple more 'cartoons' taken from the hundreds in the book. Just picking the book up and scanning the collages and drawings never ceases to make me smile and every time you look into the pages you find a new favourite.
      Dark but funny. Tomi Ungerer is a real talent.


  1. The meatballs IKEA would recoil. $50-$250 for a first ed the inter web says .

  2. We paid £37.00 plus a free book. On the money. Bought another Tomi Ungerer book too. More to follow.


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