Apple blossom time

      We're still enjoying some chilly weather and there was areal ground frost this morning but the apple trees are getting on with the natural cycle of things and the blossom is really heavy. In the sunshine on Sunday all you could hear was the steady buzzing of bees going about their work gathering nectar and pollinating the blossom.
      The apple trees on the western edge of the orchard are jonagold and the thirty or so trees in the row should yield a brilliant crop. Most importantly this year we are ready for them because we have invested in fruit press so it's going to be 'The Two Terriers Cider House'. The boss has won prizes for home-brewing so now the apples are going to feel the power of her considerable brewing expertise.
      Needless to say I have already been investing in the equipment for testing the brew, I volunteered of course, well someone has to do it.