Cowslips and octogenarians

      There aren't many primroses to be found growing on the farmland at the back of the house but the north facing slope of the east to west dyke has a huge population of cowslips and what a fabulous shade of yellow they are.
      Despite the chilly winds that have been blowing they are beginning to emerge and I would think that in a very short time there will be hundreds in flower. The retired farmer positively loves them and now he lets them flower and go to seed before he cuts any of the grass on the headlands.
      I've told him that he is becoming an octogenarian ecowarrior. He just says that I've been on the interweb to often and being eighty-four he's too old to be an octogenarian ecowarrior.


  1. We have had one of the best primrose displays in years this spring John - cold winds as you say and glorious sunshine - the cowslips are out too now - a neighbour heard a cuckoo the other day! Love this time of year, ttfn Dickie

  2. Great weather Dickie but no cuckoo yet.

  3. Cowslips are beautiful. Round here I usually here the first cuckoo around the 23 April, give or take a day or two. Heard a nightingale and willow warbler today. Hedgerows full of whitethroats, blackcaps and chiffchaffs.


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