Enthusiastic young couple needed

      We all love a challenge, well we used to but not any more, there was time when the enthusiasm and impetuous qualities of youth could see you diving into work on this West Norfolk barn to make a full and very contemporary conversion.
      There are, as the estate agents would say, far-reaching views across acres of your own land. What could possibly go wrong? The nettles? Perhaps they look as if they could become quite rampant and then there are the brambles. Lovely mature plants that can grow, under perfect conditions of course, up to nine metres a year; just think of the jam and jelly you could make in the kitchen your newly converted barn. As a bonus there's also some vintage agricultural machinery to restore in your spare time. Fantastic.
      There's another barn behind all of the elder bushes and hawthorns too and if you do have some spare time you could renovate this combine to show it at the local village shows and start making some cash as an agricultural contractor.
       To help pay for the barn conversion obviously.


  1. Just think what a modern combine costs these days


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