From a mouse's secret larder

      On the morning walk with the two Jack Russell Terriers our walnut gatherer, Minnow, found the winter food store of a mouse hidden away in the roots of an ancient apple tree. Most of the food in the store had been been eaten through the winter and there were masses of powdered hazel nut shells, dried-up hazel nuts and the small walnut shell with the neat hole.
      The large, or rather super large, walnut we found earlier in the winter and I was convinced that a crafty corvid had drilled the holes in the shell with its beak but closer examination with a magnifier reveals the gnaw marks of a mouse that are just the same as those on the smaller nut.
      Case solved.
      That large walnut must have been a Christmas dinner for the little chap, without the port of course.


  1. Once found my box seat full of shells one spring..I also couldn't work out why my set up pike rods always seem to have the line severed around the poly bobs, cue one dayglo lined mouse nest in corner of said nut filled box seat.


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