Gold, orange, yellow and grey

      The sunny holiday kind of weather that we have been enjoying continues in West Norfolk and although the wind is chilly at times there are clear blue skies and fleecy clouds but despite all of this benevolent weather you do wonder when this glorious spell is going to break. No doubt the cynics would say over the long Easter weekend and l suppose that would be both predictable and typical.
      Yesterday evening there was a really exquisite sunset that seemed to develop in slow motion although we all know it developed at its normal speed.
      This morning at six thirty I was welcomed by another clear sky with the promise of a wonderful sunny day to come. However, by the time I'd pushed the two terriers out for their pee and made a pot of tea half an hour had passed and the same basic view as the sunset photograph above looked like this.

      In the space of half an hour the fog had closed in and the visibility was rapidly falling to below fifty yards, the yellowing of the fields in front of the house had become a greying instead, with the fog blending into the rapeseed in a perfect fade.
      No doubt then that by ten o'clock the sun will have burnt away all the fog and normal service will have been resumed with cloudless blue skies.
      Don't you just love the English weather.


  1. Chrome is yellow in the paint world, is it the same in the world of inks?


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