Plum blossom

      The sunny weather has encouraged the plum blossom into a spectacular bursting of white froth down two of the rows of plum trees in the orchard. There are at least five different kinds of plum trees growing here and they all mature at different times but the blossoms always shows at the same time.
      The Laxtons are the first to ripen and if the weather remains favourable we'll be picking them at the end of June, they don't have good keeping properties so they really are pick and eat plums. The poor keeping properties are probably why you never see them in the supermarkets, they are most definitely not a soft fruit that is suited to the extended logistics chain employed by those organisations. Farm shops and the farm gate are the places to purchase these little gems.
      Stop and buy some if you can in late June or early July because they're worth the effort.


  1. Lovely John, the blossom is coming thick and fast now - the hawthorn is just as frothy as ever! The buzzing is getting louder every day. TTFN Dickie


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