Rusting in peace

      More detritus and unused old agricultural equipment lying around on a West Norfolk farm. The old oil drum has had a second use as an incinerator and now it has been crushed and left to rust away, goodness knows how long it will finally take to disappear but it's long past the stage of being recycled.
      The old tractor wheel sporting the spade lugs, there's actually a pair of them and I think I could find a use for both of them in the garden as planters. The solution is that the boss is going to have to get cake making so that we can fulfil our side of the bartering process before I start the gardening process.
      You have to oil the rusty wheels of industry even if it's with a chocolate cake.


  1. Looks like a medieval man trap - not near that freezer is it!!! Ttfn Dickie


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