The first cut of the season

      While I was out walking the two Jack Russell Terriers this morning I was summoned by a stern and serious farmer.
      "When you get back home get you straight back over here and we'll be cutting the first asparagus of the season." Under orders it was no sooner said than done. The two terriers were now on a power walk home, presented with a dry chicken strip as a treat and I was on my way to the asparagus bed with a knife and basket.
      I'd noticed a few spears shooting through on Sunday but this morning there was a really good cutting to be had with the longer stems destined to be made into soup and the small tender spears as part of our Tuesday lunch.
      I can report that the purple passion was as good as ever and nothing tastes like the first mouthful of the first cutting.
      Now we can look forward to plums, strawberries, apples, pears, new potatoes, beetroot and all the treats that are still to come in the season of plenty.


  1. You lucky so and so TT! Can't believe we are heading into the season of the "grass" already - love the stuff, enjoy, Dickie


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