The Suffolk code

      When we were in Suffolk a couple of weeks ago we found these strange incised scratcings on an old church wall and if it is some kind of code we can't make head or tail of it. The harder you stare the less sense the marks make and that's assuming that they made some sense before. We need to get Holmes and Watson in to apply some logic, make sense of the strange marks and then solve the problem. Full marks for the lovely pattern work with the flints too.
      High up on an old North facing exterior wall was a plaque that went back to the days of William and Mary and the date engraved there shows 1692, we're convinced that the scratched graffiti pre-dates the late seventeenth century by some considerable time. We're also convinced that particular King of England was killed by a mole while out horse riding, useless information don't you just love it.
      After that diversion is it a code or not? All-in-all I think a call to 22b Baker Street is called for. 


  1. Suffolkian for get orf my laaaand?

  2. I think you are both probably right.

  3. Fabulous John, treasure of a find - looks like the beginnings of an MR James!! I love church graffiti, especially the really old markings on wooden church seating. Ttfn Dickie

  4. It looks to me as if these are reused from another building, if the block on the left was placed on top of the block on the right the lines would line up, making a Christmas tree like structure, I can't quite see the block to the left so not sure if that would also line up!, just a theory.


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