The yellowing begins

      The fields in front of the house are, for hundreds of yards, planted with oilseed rape and the flower buds are just beginning to burst. By the end of this week, just as long as we continue to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather during the day, the fields will just be acres of acid yellow.
      The oilseed rape flowers don't exactly have a heady scent like roses or sweet peas, and some people hate the smell, but the big downside is the pollen that the flowers release. The cars will look as if they've been flocked with yellow felt and the house windows will be covered too. Never mind it's just another definition and stage of the seasons moving along.
      As the yellowing begins the sneezing will start too.


  1. It's a futures crop, in the ground for ages if they let it go over for next years seed rather than for oil. Thinkt you told me that..


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