West Norfolk. From 1500mm

      The Two Terriers weather satellite is up and running again, in a geo-stationary orbit high above the fenland landscape keeping a birds eye view on the arid conditions in West Norfolk. Before too long we are going to be living in a dust bowl, in fact some of the tractors working the fields preparing the ground for potatoes are throwing up plumes of dust behind them as they carry on cultivating and  planting.
      The cracks in the earth look like a satellite picture of a West Norfolk delta or network of creeks thrown into sharp detail by the early morning sun but the big question is when is it going to rain again and soften the earth?
      My money is still on the long Bank Holiday weekend.
      Before I forget, can anybody see the tiny little F15 from the Liberty Wing at Lakenheath flying over the fenland landscape? Never mind the F35 Stealth Fighter but they're so stealthy you can't see them.
      As always, answers on a postcard please.