What's in the freezer?

      While we were wandering around some old and dilapidated farm buildings, a place where nobody ever goes, we see a chilling sight. No pun intended. A derelict freezer and the first thought that springs to mind is just what hidden inside it? Plastic boxes full of unmentionable things? Glass jars with objects suspended in fluid? A body? The imagination goes into overdrive yet again.
      After a battle through the briars, rusting metal and old cables the door is prised open, obviously all this was done while looking over your shoulder. You can't be too careful.
      Relief, the door fell off and it was full of mould. There was no sound of a banjo being tuned either.


  1. Could be a secret bait freezer John? Emergency supplies and all that! I'll get my coat, Dickie

  2. We shoot burgalars, or were you across the border in friendlier Cambridgeshire?

  3. No the West Norfolk badlands. The camouflage helps though. Anyway the crossbow bolts were in the post from Crossbows 'r' Us.


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