Beaten by the weather

      Every weather element has been at work on this Norfolk Bog Door Blue door, in fact they've given it a really good, thorough and sound thrashing. From rain, to sun, snow, frost and somewhere in there frequent use at one time too.
      When you look at piece of painted wood like this you begin to realise precisely how difficult is to recreate weathering and ageing, I also wonder just how long ago it was that the door was first given a coat of NBDB. The door is in fact the entrance to an old workshop that is so full of tools, wire, twine, sacks, boxes and all sorts of other agricultural detritus that if you open the door the stacks of stuff in there are likely to fall out onto you.
      A bit of a treasure hoard really that needs a good sorting because I am reliably informed that it will 'come in one day, you see'.


  1. What a door! I am always drawn to doors of character! Great to have you back TT, hope all is on the mend, TTFN Dickie


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