Old implements and older implements

      Another treasure trove of agricultural equipment and implements that are being stored in a barn full of nostalgia. From the ageing but still working and still used Massey Ferguson 65 to the side walls packed with tools that are never or only occasionally used now except for a demonstration to someone like me.
      Someone who shows some curiosity and needs to be shown just what it used to be like and how they used to work with the particular implement in the 'old days'.

      There's even an old hand pea-drill powered by one man in there. The farmer uses it in his kitchen garden every year but when you think that farmworkers used to do whole fields using them you realise how mechanised farming has become.
       Then there are some sharp-edged tools that look like medieval weapons of war but are in fact long handled pruning saws for the fruit trees in the orchards and in case of an accident you've always got the 1941 Home Guard Reserve Medical kit to staunch the wound.
      I really must get a peep in that box at some point.


  1. Blimey John, a veritable feast of stuff to get stuck into - I would be lost forever, only my feet poking out from boxes and cobwebs - will he let you have a firkle? TTFN Dickie


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