Rampant plants

      The warmth coupled with the arrival of some much needed rain has resulted in an explosion of growth in the orchard, try finding two foraging Jack Russell Terriers in that verdant growth.
      All the way down this aisle between the plum trees the cow parsley is chest high, perfect on a wet morning to give the terriers a wash, and it's heaving with insects too.
     Lower down there are plenty of of other flowers, all mixed in with the nettles and dead nettles, it goes without saying that the LBJs are having a fine old time too feeding the youngsters in the nests and topping up their energy reserves. The heavy growth will keep them invisible from the sparrow hawks at least it will until until the farmer takes the mower through the orchard and trims the centre of the aisle back to make walking and picking the fruit easier.
      All-in-all a really busy nature reserve.


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