Swelling plums

      The Victoria plums in the orchard are swelling and maturing nicely without any hindrances and tests from mother nature. Last year we had hail storms at this time and the hail marked and bruised the young fruit and showed up as black marks on the skin. The plums were still still edible but wouldn't have won any prizes at the local show, however they were perfect for jam making and baking.
      Now if we get through this vulnerable next few weeks a beautiful bumper crop should be on the cards. I'm looking forward to the first Laxton's Early straight off the tree, followed by the Victorias, Tsars, Burbank Giant Prune and another whose name I cannot remember.
      They're all delicious believe me.


  1. Said the actress to the Bishop!! I think we are on for a bumper fruit crop this year TT - one of the best blossom seasons for ages - can't wait! Enjoy, Dickie

  2. Swelling plums. And why not.


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